The English Thread - Improve your skills


Hi guys!

I was thinking that maybe we could start a new thread in english. Look at it as a way to improve your english skills, learn new things and of course, have fun as usual. We could use to put english news, english memes, or just to have fun.

So, please, be welcome here, and enjoy your time with us.

Memes welcome.


this is a fucking shit. My keyboard is spanish and the autocorrector is a big banana in my ass hole.



Oh boy, add english as a second lenguage :sweat_smile:


Eing…? Where? I can do this? Ummmm
Ok, i’m searching the option in my mobile.


There a plus in the left corner of the keyboard. If you move to the right, you’ll see the lenguague option.


Ahhh, at least a place where I can speak freely!

I always say my second language is Spanish, and people look at me with weird faces… but the truth is that I write (and actually talk) more in English than in Spanish.

Pro tip: when talking about languages, the name goes in capitals, like in Spanish, or English. And so it goes for the days and months names.


I’ll take note about it. Did I tell you I lived in Manchester and Glasgow? Oh man, how I miss my fellas. Hard times, no doubt, but the best of the times too…


Same here.


Really? I have no idea!


As you know, I dont event talk propperly in my mother tongue so I am a terrible mess in English. Well… I can understand almost everything you speak and write but my english is shitty no matter what.
Thanks for the thread.
I love you guys.

Pssss: its so easy to say I LOVE U in english! It Seems having no consecuences!


Well… My english its very poor.
I only use english to search porn on the web or to talk with the giris.